Team Manager Summit 2010

What more could one ask for, than a 5 star luxury hotel and spa with eye watering views of the Austrian mountains mixed with great company and delicious food? The answer: Absolutely nothing!
That is exactly what was provided on this years Team Managers Summit. For those who qualified, it was their time to be rightly rewarded for their hard work and achievements. The weekend break kicked off with a beautiful dinner with every dish imaginable to choose from, shared with guests such as Paul Blad and Bart Woodcook. It gave everyone a chance to get to know each other and to relax before the pre arranged activities that awaited us over the following 2 days.
These activities were so enjoyable as they were not the usual choices such as archery or 'pin the tail on the donkey'. The first challenge of the next evening was who could saw through a tree the fastest, followed by driving a nail through a tree trunk in the least attempts and shooting a laser gun to a target in the fewest shots. This set the mood for the whole weekend as it was filled with smiles, laughter and comraderie.
We held a meeting each morning where everybody discussed their goals and vision for Synergy WorldWide. The thing that was most apparent was everyone had a very clear idea of where they wanted to go and achieve, which is so important. The people who were there, knew their goals and expressed how this is necessary for anybody wishing to succeed.
After a truly inspirational few days of relaxation(massage packages included), golf(if opted for), brain storming and fun, we left Austria all the richer in spirit, friendship and knowledge. So I challenge everybody reading this to think about your goals and write them down, visualise them and start taking the steps to achieving them! You have a year to get your business to a level where it could be you sawing through a tree trunk in the amazing mountains of Austria having the time of your life. Now why would anyone want to miss out on that opportunity?

Stacey Ryan
Area Manager, Ireland&UK



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