New Video Tour of the NSP Manufacturing Facility

Sonntag, Februar 21, 2010

This video tour of Nature’s Sunshine’s Manufacturing Facility gives you the behind a behind-the-scenes look at the quality assurance process of Synergy’s products.

At Synergy, we pride ourselves in providing unique, life-changing products developed in one of the best manufacturing facilities in the world. Our parent company, Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP), manufactures most of Synergy’s products, and NSP scientists and product developers work with Synergy to oversee the development, design, and production of our products.

In 2002, NSP opened a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant with mechanical and quality-control systems comparable to those used in the pharmaceutical industry. We invite you to take a virtual tour of their manufacturing facility and discover for yourself the full extent of our superior product development standards. The tour, found on the Synergy US Corporate Website, walks you through the rigorous testing conducted on each raw material and finished product, takes you through the journey of making each product, and shows you how the products are created. This informative video thoroughly demonstrates the quality, purity, and uniqueness of our products.

Costa Rican Adventures

Donnerstag, Februar 18, 2010

Costa Rica is an exotic destination filled with magnificent wonders and thrilling adventures. Synergy’s top leaders can tell you from personal experience that the land of glorious beaches and rainforests offers a trip unlike any other. Synergy’s inaugural Legacy Retreat took leaders to Central American Paradise and let them experience white-water rapids, mysterious wildlife, unruly crocodile, glorious waterfalls, and breathtaking rainforest canopies up close and personal. It was the trip of a life-time…but it won’t be the last. Stay tuned to find out how you can be a part of the next Legacy Retreat to Hawaii.

Synergy Day Zlín (Česko)

Mittwoch, Februar 03, 2010

Josef Svozil píše přímo z Velkého kina ve Zlíně. Český top lídr hovoří o aktuálních novinkách a svých skvělých dojmech.